DS Applets v2.28

You can freely use all these applets to enhance your web pages.
If you want to remove the credits message and enable additional
parameters you can register all 128 applets for only $28.

Image Effects
New BackLight- Blobs- BumpMap- CubeMap- Cylinder- FadeToFilter- FireImage- Fog- Lake- Lens- LensFilter- Light- Lightning- Pixelate- PlasmaImage- Rain- Ripple- Rotate- RotHue- RotScale- Scale- Shear- SphereMap- Snow- Swirl- Tunnel- Warp- Water- WaterSurf- Wave- Wobble- Wormhole

Transition Effects
Blinds- BlurWipe- ClockWipe- CrossFade- CrossRotate- CrossRipple- CrossShear- CrossSwirl- CrossWobble- CrossZoom- New Curtain- Dissolve- DoubleSplit- Dust- Explode- Fade- FadeToCube- FadeToFire- FadeToStars- FadeToStars3D- FadeToTunnel- FadeToVoxel- ImageScroll- New Interleave- New Melt- PageFlip- New RainFade- RGBSplit- Roll- New SnowFade- XBlur

Visual Effects
Clouds- Explosion- Fire- FireTunnel- FireWorks- Plasma- Stars- Stars3D- Voxel

Text Effects
DissolveText- DustText- ExplodeText- FadeText- FireText- FogText- New InterleaveText- New PageFlipText- PlasmaText- RippleText- RotateText- RotScaleText- ScaleText- ShearText- SwirlText- WaveText- WobbleText- XBlurText

Scroll Effects
New BackLightScroll- ContourScroll- FadeScroll- FireScroll- New LakeScroll- New LEDScroll- NegativeScroll- RotateScroll- ScaleScroll- ShearScroll- TunnelScroll- WaveScroll- New WobbleScroll- WormholeScroll

BlobsMenu- CloudsMenu- ExplosionMenu- New FireMenu- FireTunnelMenu- FireWorksMenu- FogMenu- LakeMenu- LightningMenu- RainMenu- RippleMenu- New ShearMenu- SnowMenu- StarsMenu- Stars3DMenu- SwirlMenu- TunnelMenu- VoxelMenu- WaterSurfMenu- WaveMenu- WobbleMenu- WormholeMenu

New AllLights

Clocks and Calendars
New FireClock

To use DS Applets in an easy, drag+drop, point-and-click, wysiwyg (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) environment, please click here to download the free trial of Cool Page. After installation of Cool Page, see the Applets section of the Objects window in Cool Page. The same registration key will work both in the standalone DS Applets and the DS Applets included with Cool Page. You are not required to use Cool Page to use DS Applets. Cool Page is a fast way for non-programmers to make exceptional web pages. See coolpage.com for more information.

The applets included in the Cool Page are unregistered,
if you want to remove the credits message and enable additional
parameters you can register all applets for only $28.


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