DS Lens Parameters

(*) = obligatory parameter

credits (*)Applet by Dario Sciacca (www.dseffects.com)
image (*)image to load (.gif or .jpg)
diameterlens diameter (64-256)
magnificationmagnification factor (1-32)
speedxhorizontal speed (1-4)
speedyvertical speed (1-4)
interactiveinteractive (yes,no)

OverImage and OverText Parameters

overimageoverimage to load (.gif or .jpg)
overimagexoverimage horizontal position
overimageyoverimage vertical position
overtexty[1-N]overtext vertical position
overtextcol[1-N]overtext color
(hexadecimal red-green-blue triplet)
overtextcols[1-N]overtext shadow color
(hexadecimal red-green-blue triplet)
overtextfont[1-N]overtext font
overtextstyle[1-N]overtext style
(plain,bold,italic,bold italic)
overtextsize[1-N]overtext size
overtexttype[1-N]overtext type
overtextspeed[1-N]overtext speed

Registration Parameters

regkeyregistration key
regstatusmsgmessage displayed on statusbar
when mouse is over the applet
reglinkURL link
when the applet is clicked
regtargetframe name
(_blank,_self,_parent,_top or custom frame name)

The size of the applet is determined by width and height tags


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